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ICS hosts ‘Innovation Road Trip’

December 14, 2021

An “Innovation Road Trip” hosted at the UNC Institute for Convergent Science yields timely wisdom and hard-won insights for aspiring faculty entrepreneurs.

A convergent code

May 26, 2021

Many cancers and rare diseases have origins in our DNA. A team of UNC faculty from many scientific backgrounds are converging around the field of epigenetics to rewrite faulty instructions by delivering chemical compounds to our genome – to treat genetic diseases without changing the DNA itself.

Can we trap COVID-19?

May 26, 2021

How can we use sensor technologies and adaptable surface materials to trap and test for COVID-19? A new paper from Professor Ronit Freeman’s lab explains the possibilities.

Science meets solutions

May 22, 2021

Interdisciplinary faculty research designed to tackle compelling problems is finding support from the Institute for Convergent Science in the Genome Sciences Building on campus. The goal: Expediting the research-to-marketplace pipeline.

UNC researchers successfully remove PFAS from water

April 29, 2021

Working across disciplines, UNC-Chapel Hill environmental engineer Orlando Coronell and chemist Frank Leibfarth have developed a filtration resin that has thus far been successful in removing most PFAS from water.