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In the third phase of the ICS Innovation Framework – Go (Launch) – research teams take their product or technology to market. This can involve launching a startup company, licensing intellectual property to an existing company or deploying ideas or inventions for social change or impact via a non-profit or other path.

During this stage, teams focus on growing their commercial potential and engaging with external entities, including industry partners, potential management for the company, federal grant agencies, and private investors, among others. They have access to a variety of support channels at ICS and the University at large, including entrepreneurs-in-residence, the Office of Technology Commercialization team, and KickStart Venture Services – a team dedicated specifically to UNC-affiliated, IP-based startups.

KickStart Accelerator

Located on the second floor of the Genome Sciences Building, the KickStart Accelerator is managed by KickStart Venture Services, a department that is part of Innovate Carolina, the University-wide initiative for innovation and entrepreneurship. The accelerator provides an ideal home for early research-based startups that need space to conduct business and research and development. The KickStart Accelerator provides:

  • 7,500 square feet of startup incubator space
  • Space for 12-15 companies
  • Open wet lab benches
  • Shared offices and cubicles
  • Private labs
  • Shared break room
  • Central campus location with proximity to Carolina’s core labs

The accelerator also provides a variety of common lab space/equipment essential for life science startups:

  • Tissue culture room
  • Cold room
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Autoclaves
  • Centrifuges
  • Chemical hood
  • Plate reader/gel scanner

Lease Rates

Lease open wet lab benches, semi-private office cubicles in common areas, or small-to-large private lab spaces.

Benches and Cubicles

Bench/Cubicle Description
Half Bench (10 ft.): Includes 1 desk at end of bench and cabinet storage locker
Full Bench (20 ft.): Includes 1 desk at end of bench and cabinet storage locker
Assigned Office Cubicle in Common Area

Small Private Labs

Room No.Description
2253104 sq. ft: bench and cabinets
2255112 sq. ft: bench and cabinets
2247104 sq. ft: benches, cabinets, sink, snorkel exhaust

Large Private Labs

Room No.Description
2236451sq. ft: benches, cabinets, sink, lots of power
2234218 sq. ft: benches, cabinets, sink, snorkel exhaust, +1 exhaust port
2232210 sq. ft: benches, cabinets, sink, snorkel exhaust, +1 exhaust port
2238A227 sq. ft: benches, cabinets, sink, 4-ft. chemical fume hood

A full suite of startup support services

Beyond the accelerator itself, the KickStart Venture Services team also provides a full array of services and support programs for IP-based startups. These include:

  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Connections to service providers, management and investors
  • Early-stage seed funding
  • Grant writing support
  • Advisory boards
  • Educational events and programming