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In the first phase of the ICS Innovation Framework – Ready (Converge) – researchers and changemakers collaborate and interact to develop research programs, build teams, educate one another, and create new ideas and technologies directed at targeted questions or problems. This question-driven method for research brings together teams across disciplines into a “convergence commons” space where they can brainstorm, build on their shared areas of expertise, and use design thinking to take a human-centered approach to plan the most effective courses of action.

Convergent Commons

When ICS teams walk into the first floor of the Genome Sciences Building, they enter a creative space known as the “Convergent Commons.” This front door to innovation at ICS includes:

  • 4,500-square-foot collaboration zone
  • Café area (Café Converge)
  • Clusters of workspaces
  • Open tables, desks, booths
  • Reservable creative pods with brainstorming boards and LED display monitors
  • Workshop and event spaces

The commons area takes a no-owners/no-boundaries approach by providing interaction spaces that are intentionally not assigned to any one research group. This space accommodates impromptu brainstorms, scrum meetings, design sprint updates, and hands-on workshops. For teams who require more intentional and planned time to convene, short-term reservations can be arranged.