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In the second phase of the ICS Innovation Framework – Set (Develop) – research teams engage in pre-commercial development of their ideas, intellectual property and inventions. This occurs from the moment of invention to the time when the team develops a prototype or proof-of-concept that demonstrates market readiness.

During this stage, teams not only focus on developing technologies or inventions, but also on growing the capacities of their teams and their funding horizons. Innovation fellows, mentors, postdocs, industry liaisons, UNC technology commercialization mangers, patent experts and entrepreneurs in the startup/investor community are just some of the professionals who help support our teams.

AGILE Project Space

ICS teams engaged in pre-commercial development work under the AGILE principle. An acronym for “Advance Great Inventions or Leave Early,” AGILE projects allow convergent teams to develop their ideas, test and calibrate approaches, build prototypes and reach a go/no-go decision early in their pre-commercial innovation journeys.

These projects will be conducted in the AGILE project development space on the second floor of the Genome Sciences Building. This space includes:

  • Pre-commercial research development areas
  • Wet lab spaces
  • Common lab equipment

Innovation Postdocs

  • ICS is developing a targeted team of innovation postdocs
  • Postdocs support AGILE project teams under the direction of faculty PIs
  • Postdocs provide focused support on technology, product and business development – rather than basic research

Faculty Fellows

  • ICS is developing a group of faculty fellows who will be associated with the institute
  • These will include faculty from UNC-Chapel Hill or visiting faculty
  • Faculty fellows will support faculty-led teams that are developing technologies or products
  • These fellows will contribute to the growing community of on-campus entrepreneurs