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As faculty-led convergent teams work on their technologies and inventions in the Institute for Convergent Science’s AGILE project development space, they will receive support from innovation postdocs. The institute is developing a targeted team of postdocs who bring a business and technical-minded approach to research projects. Our postdocs help expand core innovation and entrepreneurial capacities for our convergent research teams, helping the teams build prototypes, test products and reach go/no-go commercial decisions faster and more effectively.

By working with faculty teams, our postdocs develop critical skills and gain direct experiences in the business and technical subjects that they’re passionate about. They also allow faculty-led AGILE teams to multiply their innovation capacity in a variety of ways that faculty investigators may not have the experience or the resources to pursue on their own: exploring new markets, uncovering potential funding, engaging in customer discovery, advancing product development, and carrying out other critical functions for emerging innovation teams.

Our innovation postdocs will:

  • Include a team of four postdoctoral experts.
  • Support AGILE project teams under the direction of faculty principle investigators.
  • Provide focused support on technology, product and business development – not basic research.
  • Work in a faculty support model that has been shaped by leading innovation centers around the nation.